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The Equestrian Club

The Equestrian Club has 44 fixed boxes of m. 3.5 x 3.5 m to ensure maximum comfort for guest horses. Inside each aisle there is a washing area, changing room, toilets, saddlery and storage compartment. Each individual box is equipped with a drain for washing it, an individual lamp to dry the horse, a drinking trough with air-conditioned water, and a compartment for the owner's private objects.


There are also two quarantine boxes for new guests. This will allow for the introduction of new horses after verification of the absence of diseases, to protect all the horses of the club.


Two sand fields of 50 × 70 m and 35x70 m, grass fields, a 6-seater carousel and a 25 × 50 m covered riding school complete the sports facility. All around, a wild and suggestive countryside allows original walks as well as exciting paper or drag chases. Members have access to a club house.


Individual lessons and group lessons given by Federal Instructors will then provide adequate technical support for those who intend to approach or improve the world of horses.

Regione Piemonte -  Determina Dirigenziale n. 513 del 22/12/2023

Con la  Determina Dirigenziale n. 513 del 22/12/2023, la Direzione Coordinamento Politiche e Fondi Europe – Turismo e Sport, Settore Comunicazione, Ufficio Stampa, Relazioni Esterne e URP ha approvato la concessione di un contributo a Sporting Club Monterosa Novara ASD pari a:


  • euro 38.153,00 per il Concorso Internazionale Completo di Equitazione del 19/21 maggio 2023

  • euro 13.832,00 per ITALIANI PONY E C.C.E.del 9/10 settembre 2023

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