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The benefits of this sport


Horse riding is one of the most complete sports (after swimming) and is registering a great diffusion in recent years. If practiced consistently it helps the cardiovascular system by improving the blood pumping system and pulmonary ventilation. It positively affects the organs of balance, gives the exact perception of one's body in relation to space and the environment, stimulates concentration, orientation, memory, reflex speed, dexterity and balance.


We must not forget that this discipline, like few others, requires synergy with another living being (so that in riding competitions we do not speak of "competitor", but of "pairs"). Furthermore, the "activities on the ground", that is everything that involves cleaning and preparing the animal, favor the acquisition of a sense of responsibility: the horse depends on us and on our care, therefore it is necessary to become aware of our duties .

Our school

The Riding School is open to all those who are willing to approach this world or who want to increase their skills: the lessons are in fact calibrated based on the experience of the individual. The first lesson is free to allow students to get to know the Center, the instructors and to allow novices to understand if they are really interested in this sport. If you do not have the specific equipment, long trousers and sneakers are sufficient, while the protective helmet (Cap) is provided by the Center. Obviously, you will not only be taught how to ride, but also everything related to handling the horse from the ground: feeding, cleaning the stalls, saddling and animal care.


The porticoes facing the pitch offer a pleasant shelter for those who want to follow their children or grandchildren during lessons, while a fully equipped Club House - overlooking the lesson spaces - allows them to quench their thirst or refresh themselves with some snacks. In the future, the Monterosa Sporting Club will offer them other distractions such as swimming pool, spa and tennis courts (foreseen by the project which you can find here).


In case of rain, our covered riding hall of 25 × 50m allows the normal continuation of the lessons.

The lesson packages

The Equestrian Center offers numerous monthly packages to try to meet everyone's needs and preferences:

Competitive level riding lessons

Designed for those who want to enter the competitive world of this sport, the lessons are aimed at providing athletes with all the technical and practical skills necessary to face riding competitions with serenity. The students will be able to count on the many years of experience of Federico Riso, captain of the competitive team, bronze medal at the European Championships, gold medal at the absolute Italian Championships and several times Italian Young Riders Champion.


Since a greater commitment is required on the part of individuals, the packages include a minimum of 3 lessons per week in order to ensure adequate athletic training.

Members with horses of the School

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