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The Monterosa Sporting Club puts the well-being and health of horses in the foreground. Its facilities, its 240,000sqm of open spaces and its staff guarantee a serious and quality environment. For those interested in bringing their own horse, the services offered are listed below:


Stable: Horses have boxes of 3.5 x 3.5 m available, which are larger than the average of the Italian stables and more than adequate to ensure maximum comfort. Each box is equipped with a drain for cleaning it, an individual lamp to dry the horse, a drinking trough with air-conditioned water and a compartment for the owner's private objects. The bed of the box is made up of dusted shavings, it is cleaned every morning and passed over in the afternoon. Two large washing areas allow a comfortable cleaning of the horse.


Feeding: Three rations of Guidolin Horses GRANPRIX hay and feed are given (find out why): in the morning at 8:30, for lunch at 12.30 and in the evening at 18:30.


Facilities: Available to Club members, in addition to the 200,000 square meters of the cross field and the unlimited spaces of the surrounding countryside and woods, there is a 35m × 70m sand field and a 25m × 50m covered riding stables, both illuminated and equipped with facilities. irrigation. As for the interiors, the stable's bathrooms are equipped with lockers, changing rooms and showers. A warm and welcoming Club House allows Members to relax before returning to face the chaos of the city.

Guidolin Horses.png

The extra services

In order to meet any need, at the request of the members we offer the following extra services:

  • Personalized feeding

  • Equipment washing

  • Movement of horses

  • Carousel movement (in the pension the carousel is included 2 times a week)

  • Cleaning of harnesses

However, the Staff remains available for any type of request from the members.

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